Non Player Characters (NPCs) in OpenSim and Second Life

I do not have now the time to finish this article. I thought I should gather all the techniques I researched for how to create and program Non Player Characters  for OpenSim/Second Life ecosystem into one single article for all the struggling folks out there. Please meanwhile until I finish writing this article, please visit my GitHub repository where I created a C# Application for Non Player Characters called libOMVMobilityModels. which you can use freely in your OpenSim projects.

If you want, we can start with the open source Multi-User Virtual World: OpenSim. In OpenSim, there are several methods that allows you to include and program Non Player Characters, some of them should be executed on the client side and others should be executed on the server side. In the case of Second Life only the client side methods work due to the fact that Second Life servers are closed sourced.

****This post is not complete I will expand later the material.**** Sorry for that. The PhD is taking all my time now 🙂

Non Player Characters for OpenSim

Methods on the client side

Using LibOpenMetaverse (libomv)

Please see  libOMVMobilityModels:  a complete C# application that allows you to load Non-Player Characters (NPC bots) as many as you want into OpenSim or Second Life using 6 mobility models.

Using pCampBot

…section still need expansion …. Gosh when I will have time for blogging these day 🙂

Other client side Libraries with NPCs Capabilities

…section still need expansion ….

The Python PyOGP Client Library

…section still need expansion ….

Methods on the server side

Using OSSL and LSL functions to script NPCs

…section still need expansion ….

Writing an OpenSim region module

…section still need expansion ….

Non Player Characters for Second Life

Methodology of Loading NPCs with defined mobility models in the experiments

…section still need expansion ….

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