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MacOS is a very powerful operating system. That has been said, there are some extremely silly features missing from the Operating System (OS) which drive you crazy. This article presents some useful MacOS apps that I use on daily basis.

I am a Mac OS user from 2009  and a Apple developer from 2014 and I use my MacBook Pro laptop on a daily basis and to this day, I still from time to time get extremely annoyed from missing silly features that you find in other OSs. I always end up buying third party applications and extensions.

Few examples of missing useful features:  why the hell we don’t have the “New File/New MS Word/ New Any app file”  right-click context menu? Why do I have to buy a 2$ third party application for that? I am not going to go to my terminal to “touch” or to “create” a file when I am in hurry nor have to go to file editors to do that! Those annoying silly and primitive features that you do not find easily in the operating system that is supposed to be “the most powerful and smartest OS” according to Apple. In addition, MacOS apps should be very intuitive for users like my gradma to use.

Another annoying silly feature that is missing from the Apple OS is the support of Microsoft NTFS file system. By default, you can not work with NTFS drives unless you buy a software (PS: all free tools at the time of writing are low quality). Imagine! your NTFS hard disk or flash requires a third party software to work in MacOS!  A lot of Linux distributions have already  that support in the OS itself.

Another funny example I can give here is that of the “maximise feature” of a window – How silly is that?!!! This feature took ages to kick in the Mac OS X/MacOS versions and users needed to install third party applications such as RightZoom.

Another example: Why the hell do we need the Cafeine application to avoid screen sleep?  Why isn’t built into the OS itself? I could go on and on. It is like this annoying ironic dichotomy: being very smart in some aspects and very dumb in others. Apple MacOS is no exception.

This article presents a set of useful third party applications to make your  MacOS less dumber when it comes to silly features that should exist by default.

1 – New File/New Word Document/New Anything! Context right click Menu

This feature is in every graphical operating system by default (MS Windows, Many Linux distributions..) or at least is enabled easily with few tweaks in others Linux distributions. On Mac OS, OF COURSE, you need an third party application to do the task efficiently.  Maybe there is a trick or script I am not aware of but the gist is MacOS and MS Windows are operating systems made for the average Joe to use easily not a CS guru. I will not tell my grandma to write a script to do a task like that 🙂

I have found that the New File Menu (a very cheap paid version) on the App store suitable for the task. This application allows you to have all “New file types” in the right click context menu that we are used to see in Microsoft Windows (by default).

2- Stop the screen from sleeping

Of course Apple with all its wisdom, forces you to go and install another very famous third party application called Cafeine since why include this functionality into the operating system by default!?

3 – How to cleanly uninstall an application on Mac OS

Now a lot of people will tell you: Well!!! this is the easiest thing in Mac, just drag the application to the bin. Wrong! Yes you can do that with applications that are self-contained. Nevertheless, a lot of applications just scatter their files all over the place in the system. Some are good Samaritans in the sense they have their uninstall tools such as Anti-viruses (Yes, Macs get infected!).

So for all the applications that splash their trash everywhere in the system (i.e not self contained) and do not have an uninstall feature requires the installation of another third party application as usual instead of this being a tool built into the Mac OS system.

The app that I advise to install and use for this task is called AppCleaner.

4 – Support of the Microsoft NTFS file system

The software tool I advise to use is the Paragon software NTFS for Mac which enables  you to deal with NTFS drives. It is a good and stable tool that do another silly job for Apple OSs.

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